What is COB led strip?

2020-04-10 21:04

COB is Chips on Board, which means the chips is built on the FPCB board directly. Chips are almost flip-chip, which are linearly bonded on the PCB, and then drop protection glue which mixed with phosphor powder on the surface of the chips. The appearance is like an adhesive tape be stuck on the PCB board. The lights is on when the lighting be refracted, reflected, and interacted with the phosphor powder. The production glue suit with different colors and color temperature.

The difference between COB led strip and SMD led strip:

① Dot less.

Because of the structural characteristics of the COB led strip, the light emitting surface is a linear colloid attached to the PCB board, so the lighting emitted on average level and dot less without spots.

② Heat dissipation.

The chips of the COB led strip is built on the PCB directly, the heat of the chip can be quickly transferred to the PCB.   

③ Large angle.

The emitting angle of the COB led strip is exact 180°


① The front of lamp body is exposed and soft, should be far away from sharp objects when installation.
② The surface of protection glue is easy to be contaminated by hands, so please keep the surface is clean when installing. If it is contaminated with dust, use a cotton swab with some alcohol, then wipe it gently.
③ Installation process of the COB led strip, should be done one time, please don't take off and paste repeatedly, because the size of the chip is too small, the taking off and posting will damage chips.